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Web Development Boutique

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I have 20 years of experience providing full stack web services.

Web Development

Sites that display on any device for most content management systems

Page Speed

Complete code playbook on how to make any page faster than the competition

UX Design

Visual design that balances brand, flow and fluency for user enagement


After 20 years, here is a sample of my best work.

Drupal 7/8 Web App

ALWAYSLIVE Premium Content Site


Prototype Design and Development

Responsive Web Site

Drupal Bootstrap Subtheme (SASS)

Responsive One Pager

Grav Responsive Theme

Data Visualization Portal

Drupal and Google Charts

Web Site


Web Application

User Experience Design

Ecommerce Web Application

User Experience and Application Design

Responsive Theme Framework


Woodland Hills Church


Web Design

Full Stack Design and Development


A web design boutique that offers a full stack of web services.

  • October 2000

    Turtle Interactive is founded

    Six years after studing at Minneapolis College of Art and Design, I start my own web design boutique. At this time, I created a proprietary content management system called SiteNet.

  • March 2008

    Church Planter Profiles goes live

    I teamed with a Cake PHP developer to custom design a web applicaton for the Eli Church Planting organization.

  • July 2008

    Ashford WordPress Theme goes on sale

    From 2008 until 2013, I coded and sold a premium WordPress theme framework called Ashford. The free version was used by thousands of web sites and dozens of developers used it to bootstrap their design services.

  • 2015

    Data visualation

    Started working in "Big Data" and data visualation, using Hive QL to aggregate results, Tableau to shape and previsualize data, and Plotly.js to visualize for communication.

  • 2011-2015


    Started working on contract in 2011 for small organizations to build new and maintain existing web sites. This includes my recent work with Chronic Disease Research Group to build new Kidney transplant data visualation site.

  • 2016-2019


    I started working with ALWAYSLIVE in 2016 when it was a small startup. I provided them with the experience needed to create a platform that could intake amateur basketball stats and videos. The goal was to build the largest database of student-athletes. I developed 4 versions of the application on Drupal (7 and 8). It could intake data and video for hundreds of games played across dozens of venues each weekend. Then after the event, the application visualized and presented that data back to players, coaches and recruiters.

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    I am seeking projects or contracts where I can leverage my skills and experience to deliver a lightning fast, mobile experiences that meet your expectations and schedule.

Meet Tim

Full stack web design and development

Timothy J. Bednar

Web Developer and Consultant

As a full stack web developer and consultant since 2000, I have a broad set of coding skills and experience consulting organizations and start-ups. I create lightning-fast, responsive user experiences that work on any device. With years of agile development know-how, I can wire-frame and prototype quickly. If you have requirements, I can transform comps into mobile first pages that display on any device. Plus, I can implement experiences on a wide variety of content management systems. I reacently added quantitative analysis to my skill set where I can use RUM and Synthetic testing to make data driven decisions.