Adding value by design

Turtle Interactive is a design boutique, founded by Tim Bednar, which develops responsive desktop and mobile web sites.

Services in 50 words

Build your own web site

Your content is critical to getting that next job, client or acceptance letter. So why are your uploading your intellectual property to Facebook or Google for free? You do not cash a check when they post record profits. You should own it.  Tim Bednar can teach you how.

Special offer


Generate or validate your organization’s digital, technical and performance strategy.


Start with mobile, then create a visual language supporting your brand.


Code responsive pages with HTML 5 and implement with a CMS like Drupal or WordPress.


Create training documents that assure quality, performance and security after you launch.

Learn how to build a site

I am a web developer and engineer with over 14 years’ experience building massive to small sites on the web. I have blogged, Twittered, Facebooked, Googled, Flickred and WordPressed.

My wife and I are adding to our family by adoption. To raise funds, I am offering to teach you how to build your own web site. Learn how to get a domain that matters, find a web host, get your content back, publish and syndicate. Get expert advice on how to use your web site to land your next job, client or acceptance letter.

Special Offer


Tim starts every project with a focus on the combined desktop and mobile experience.

Then he can deliver a unique visual design for your web site that reflects the vibe and mission of your organization. If you already have a graphic designer, Tim can  work with hem to code responsive HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Plus Tim is an expert developer. He can hook up a content management systems—WordPress, Drupal or Expression Engine—so you can easily run your own web site.

Samples of work

Tim will see you through launch and post-launch. He stands behind is work. And finally, he writes documentation and trains stakeholders on how to use, maintain and grow your new site. A complete client list can be shared upon request.


Get crisp, clean style from a veteran of user experience.

From: $35 to $105 per page


Custom HTML5 and CSS3 responsive layouts.

From: $35 to $105 per page


Install WordPress, themes and plugins to build pages.

From: $89 to $799


Install themes and modules to compose basic site.

From: $289 to $2,890

Hire Tim Now

Every project, every client has unique opportunities. Please download some new client questions to get started.

Tim Bednar
(612) 524-8462